Succeeding in College

I advise all students to read the essay in this first link immediately below.
File Succeeding in College Link Watch this short "212" video after reading the essay above It's the second box ("watch video") File Why Students Succeed in Tiller's GOVT 2305 course It's really quite simple. Follow the advice in this PowerPoint. Link Access to Free HCC tutoring Link Study (p. 5): 97% of college students are distracted by phones during class 87% texted; 76% emailed; 70% used social media; 42% surfed the Internet; 10% played games. In 2015, 3% said they never used cell phones in class, down from 8% in 2013. 90% of students don't want them banned. At the same time, students say it causes lack of attention (89%), missing instruction (81%), distractions to others (39%), and hurts their grades (27%). File I missed class. What should I do? File Critical Thinking and Science What is Critical Thinking? What is it not? File Advice on answering the Fallacies section of my tests File Advice on using the Critical Thinking Tools on my tests Page Background music can impair performance, cites new study Still think your music can help you study better? Click here Link Why the Modern World is Bad for your Brain And it's not only music. "Multi-tasking" is a myth. The more stimuli, the less concentration. The more simultaneous tasks, the more the brain's attention is divided and confused. A neuroscientist explains: File Multitasking is Killing Your Brain shorter story, similar topic to the story above File The best way to take notes not on your laptop in class! File Laptops are Great But NOT in a Lecture or Meeting! File You know laptops hurt GPA, but you might be surprised by how much File Community College Success Rates Students who attend community colleges are more successful than people commonly think. In fact, those who transfer to a university are MORE likely to graduate there than those who started at a university. File Four Needed Job Skills the modern economy, according to corporate recruiters of students seeking jobs. Link 21 million new jobs will be created by 2030. How should colleges help prepare students? Experts argue about how great of an effect Artificial Intelligence and Automation will make on the workplace, but nobody denies that they present a huge challenge to workers. This author argues that they have the potential to create many more new jobs, but that workers must prepare in the proper way for them. Link The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take Last As automation increases, what skills and jobs will require human workers and human traits? The first hyperlink in this article lists "the 5 jobs robots will take FIRST." If you don't know about Artificial Intelligence and the theoretical "Singularity" you might also want to explore the other hyperlinks in this article as well. Link Robots will not take over most jobs An optimistic view of the future of artificial intelligence and robots in the workplace. Image cardiff.png Link "There's no such thing as a stupid question" ... about the CONTENT of the course. But yes, there are stupid questions: