Open Education Week 2018

Houston Community College will be hosting a series of events to correspond with Open Education Week. Events will take place during the week of February 26 (one week prior to the international, Open Education Week). This is a time to promote and discuss open educational resources, open pedagogy, open licensing, open course design, and the benefits of open access for teaching and learning. Please plan to join us at one of the events.


Faculty Showcases

Tuesday, February 27                  Sophie Haci - Economics                                        1:00 PM           Katy Campus,  Rm. 227 (Note room change!!!)

                                                   Jim Ross-Nazzal - History                                         2:00 PM           Eastside Campus, Workforce Bldg Rm.208

Wednesday, February 28            Heath Giesbrecht, Chemistry                                    2:30 PM           Alief Campus, Auditorium Rm. 100

Thursday, March 1                      Irina Mullins - Astronomy                                          10:00 AM         Stafford Campus, Learning Hub Rm. 301.1 (CIC)


Keynote Address

Friday, March 1                           David Wiley, Chief Academic Officer, Lumen Learning                 2:00 PM          West Loop Auditorium