Cooperative in Philosophy (PHIL 2389)

Instructor: Nathan Smith

The Cooperative in Philosophy is a service learning class designed to integrate a college level curriculum in a very small classroom environment (no more than 4 students to the class) with hands on work experience.

If you are enrolled in this course, please print out the Service Learning Handbook and complete the application at the end of the handbook.

If you would like more information about supported partnerships and projects that may be of interest, please check out the Service Learning page at Northwest College.

An Academic Cooperative course offers a unique opportunity for you to be enrolled in a small seminar class while you are engaged in a hands on learning project outside the classroom. The rewards of this type of course can be immense. But you should also know that this course will require a significant amount of personal organization, self-direction, and commitment outside of the classroom. If you are thinking of enrolling in this course, consider the benefits and challenges carefully.