Normajean Brand

Normajean Brand

  • ADA Technician, CIT Instructor
  • Northwest College
  • Technology & Instructional Computing
  • Spring Branch / RC13
  • 713/718-5604
  • [email protected]

Additional Contact Information

  • Fax Number: 713/718-5430
  • Skype: normajean.brand

Personal Mission Statement

Integrity, trust, commitment and talent is the foundation of my existence. My dedication to providing the highest level of technical expertise to help solve client's problems is why I'm here. I strive to create, innovate, and to research solutions to meet and exceed expectations.

-- NJ Brand

Whether you are a student with a disability, or an Instructor working with a student with a disability, I look forward to assisting you.

The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer. ~ Fridtjof Nansen.

#StudentSuccess means Success for ALL students. Accessibility is a shared institutional responsibility. #a11y #highered

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology & Instructional Computing department of Northwest College is to support the technological needs of the college throughout all instructional computing labs, classrooms, faculty labs and Curriculum Innovation Centers (CIC) and the technology infrastructure for those systems.  The department promotes student learning, serving faculty, and excelling in best practices by developing innovative technologies for instruction.  To meet these goals the department strives to maintain cost effective state-of-the-art systems, develop and manage the college web presence, train faculty and staff in the use of technology and create resources for faculty, students and the Northwest College community. These objectives are continuously measured through training evaluations, review by HCC technology committees, collaborative peer review among the HCC colleges and national performance standards.

Houston Community College is committed to providing an accessible and supportive environment for students with disabilities. To that end in September 2004, I accepted the challenge to further those goals within the Northwest College, and accepted my current assignment to the local Accommodations/Resource Center (located in the RC12 suite @ the Spring Branch campus) within the disAbility Support Services Office (DSSO). I am housed within the DSSO @ Spring Branch but have a responsibility for serving all HCC campuses. For current and prospective students with special needs attending any HCC campus, please visit the disAbility Services web page for a more comprehensive look at Houston Community College's disAbility Services. The DSSO at each college of the Houston Community College System is responsible for arranging reasonable accommodations for all qualified students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access to all programs and activities at HCC.

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Please note: The term "accommodations" is used throughout this author's Learning Web space to include not only disability-related accommodations, but also disability-related services and/or auxiliary aids.