M 3/1

Welcome! (again)

For homework please write a 1-page how-to story using dialect--like Junot Diaz does in "How to Date a Brown Girl."

Your story does not have to be complete, per se. The main idea is to try to apply two of Diaz' devices to your own work.


W 3/2

Flash Fiction; "Bullet in the Brain" by Tobias Wolff & "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid; Read 5 Elements of Fiction


M 3/6

Flash Fiction continued; Group Presentations; Workshop Sign-Up

Third Person POV:

Omniscient -- The narrator is all-knowing and takes the reader inside the characters' heads.

Close -- The narrator knows the thoughts of a single character, usually the protagonist.

Objective -- The narrator does not see into the mind of any character.

For homework prepare your creative work (story, poems, drama etc.) for workshop.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ M 3/21 Workshop – Joi, Joe Brown. Read their stories, mark your copy with end notes, and write a 1-page critical response. Bring 2 copies of this response to class on Wednesday. We will discuss Character.


W 4/20

For next class we will read and watch “The Country Doctor” by Franz Kafka. This is an example of a writer who allows the reader to "see around" an unreliable narrator. Enjoy the weekend.


W 4/27

Today you should submit any outstanding Workshop Comments you have for me. I will return your work on Monday, May 9th when you turn in your Final Portfolio.

For the Final Portfolio, submit a folder containing the following three (3) items:

  1. Original Creative Work
  2. Response to a Reading on the Syllabus
  3. Revision of Creative Work

Class meets for the last time on Monday, May 9th from 1-3pm when y’all will turn in your Final Portfolio.