Stacey Higdon

Stacey Higdon

  • Northeast College
  • English, Integrated Reading and Writing
  • Northline, Building A, 422.3
  • 713-718-6412
  • [email protected]

Welcome to my Learning Web page!

Here, you can find basic information about current courses I teach at Houston Community College. On the left side of the page, you can also read my Curriculum Vitae to learn a little more about my current work. If you'd like more detailed information about your class, please go to Eagle Online Canvas and log in to our course page; you can find the Eagle Online link by scrolling down this page to Resources or by heading over to your MyEagle Student Sign-in on the HCC website.

McWhorter, John. "Txting Is Killing Language. JK!!!" TED: Ideas Worth Spreading, February 2013,

Do McWhorter's ideas mean you have the freedom to write however you like in an academic forum? Absolutely not. What they do mean, however, is that the English language is evolving. If you take one of my classes, we'll spend time exploring that: one of my passions is breaking down language into its smaller parts, and I look forward to sharing a little of that with you.