Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty

Link Where are the instructions for managing our accounts and processes for attendance and grade submission, etc.? Katherine Fields sent this to all ARTS adjuncts on 1/9/20, but the attachments are relevant to FT ARTS faculty as well. Link Is there an online media release authorization for our students and their artwork? Yes, there is. It is here. If you would like to give HCC permission to use your imagery (of you and or your artwork) please complete this online form. This has to do with publicity for the college and you and your work. Sometimes students/student work/student interviews in studios and galleries are featured on news and publicity for HCC. ...videos, still photos for web, tv, print... HCC can only publicize students and/or artworks that have permission from the student 18 years and older. This is optional. You decide. Here is the link: File End-of-Semester Electronic Grade Submission Process (New, Summer 2018) Page Who can help me with my Learning Web page? I can help. Call me. Also, Janie Blitch can help. Email her at [email protected] to set up an appointment. Janie is terrific. Page Who can help me establish and use a Turnitin account? Janie Blitch is the Turnitin guru. Email her at [email protected] to set up an appointment or receive her guidance. File TURNITIN - What else does Janie Blitch say about turnitin accounts? Folder How do I get a copy code? Folder Turnitin ***PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR PART-TIME FACULTY!*** If you have a Turn-it-in assignment in your online course, you need to make a small change to it, because Turn-it-in changed their software this summer.  See the attached instructions.  Thank you!  Corey Ackelmire, M.F.A. in Studio Art/Metalsmithing and Jewelry Full-time Instructor and ARTS Program Coordinator, Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts Division Art Department, Metalsmithing and Jewelry Central Campus 713-718-8263 [email protected] Folder What is Mentorvention? Folder Center Of Excellence Event Process Details Hello everyone, I just received this request from Dr. Reilly. She is asking us to upload any of our activities, events, performances to our COE Share Point Calendar. Instructions are included below. If you have any difficulty please contact Sarah Castillo. Thank you! Pat Porcynaluk. MFA Center of Excellence Visual and Performing Arts Studio Art / Art History Department Chair File What do I do if a printer or computer needs maintanance? Page What do I do if I get a suspicious (phishing) email on my HCC email account? If you get a suspicious email or a suspected phishing email, do not open any links. Forward the email to [email protected] Insert “SUSPICIOUS EMAIL ALERT” or similar wording in the subject line before the original subject. Folder What if the computer or media projector doesn't work during my class? Classroom Technology Support for any tech/computer/audio issue. Put this contact in your cell phone: 713-718-8800 HCC Tech Help Desk Open this folder for more details. Folder Are there lockers for ARTS Studio Students at the Alief-Hayes Road Campus? Yes, there are. Make your ARTS Studio (not lecture) students aware and send me a list of names and locker numbers. File How do I take attendance? How do I print out attendance? How do I post final grades? File How Do I Give a Student an Incomplete for Their Final Grade? File How do I get a room/studio/office key at HCC? “How to get a Key at HCC” as directed by the Facilities/Locksmithing department. “One Form for One Person for One Key” -Print out and complete this form. (Yes, hand-write in the information). -Campus Mail the completed form to "Katherine Rhodes Fields, Fine Art" at MC 1229. (Yes, campus snail mail – not email.) -Ask Katherine to campus mail the signed form back to you. -Send or deliver the signed form to the Campus Manager or COO of the building for which you are requesting a key. -I recommend making copies of the form and noting each date and step through all stages of the process for your records. -Wait and follow up as necessary with the Campus manager or COO. Contact me if you need help. In the meantime, to access rooms, call the campus office to open the room for you. Some faculty suggest putting the campus office on speed dial and calling 20 minutes before each class. Folder Substitutes for Classes Do you need a sub? Do you want to be a sub? The instructor making the request should reach out to the eligible faculty (see the appropriate sub list in this folder) with the dates and assignments and secure an agreement with a faculty member to sub. Once the agreement is met, notify the Chair and Campus Contact and (if needed) Campus facilities that a substitute will be in the classroom. The sub will fill out the paperwork so the Chair can enter the time for payment. (The files are here in this folder.) If you would like to be on the list to substitute, email the Chair and ask to be added. Link Sharepoint ?????? It is here. File Where is my PEP document located? (Spring 2019) The new, upgraded HCC "At Your Service" has given us a puzzle. Use these pictures to solve the mystery. Folder Where is the Faculty Handbook? What parts are most relevant? Folder Where "is it written" about the Texas Syllabus/Learning Web law that we have to adhere to? File Drop/Adds ??? How does that work? Folder Digital Content and Add-ons for ARTS Courses Instructions for publishers eBooks, digital content, course creations, linked accounts, and all the latest bells and whistles. Folder When are our buildings open? Tip: These hours may be different between semesters. I recommend calling the campus locations to make sure, especially between semesters (like early January or late May or late December). If you plan on working until 10pm, but the campus closes at 7pm, that could be inconvenient. That happened to me. I was working in a studio all day and and then visited to the front desk at 7:30pm and they said "sir, how did you get in here?" Folder Who is my point of contact for supplies that I need (markers, etc.)?