Where is the Faculty Handbook? What parts are most relevant?

File Here's the Faculty Handbook that I Downloaded 5/5/19 Please reference the faculty handbook (found in myHCC, your network credentials will allow you to access this section of the HCC website for faculty): https://myhcc.hccs.edu/Division-of-Instructional-Services/Documents/FINAL_Faculty%20Comprehensive%20Handbook_82018.pdf concerning the rules and guidelines for syllabus postings. It is the expectation that all faculty post relevant syllabi by the 7th day of every term. The policies concerning the Learning Web for faculty, is on page 16 of faculty handbook. A. Syllabi: GUIDELINES RELATED TO ALL FACULTY RESPONSIBILITIES TO COMPLY WITH HOUSE BILL (HB) 2504 (HB) 2504 (a State of Texas law requiring all higher education faculty to post CVs and syllabi) Texas legislation mandates public colleges and universities must make a curriculum vitae and course syllabus available online for each course taught at their institutions. Among several requirements, HB 2504 specifies that: “The institution shall make the information required by Subsection (a) available not later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered. The institution shall continue to make the information available on the institution's Internet website until at least the second anniversary of the date on which the institution initially posted the information.” In response to the state law, Houston Community College is requiring all faculty to post a current curriculum vitae and a course syllabus for each of their courses on the Learning Web.