Sizes of Planets and Stars

Visual comparisons of the relative sizes of the planets in our solar system, and of the sun and other stars in our galaxy.


Planets in Our Solar System1 (Distances Not to Scale)

The Solar System
Sun - Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Asteroid BeltJupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - Oort Cloud



 Planets and Stars2


 Other Stars in Our Galaxy
Sirius - Pollux - Arcturus - Rigel - Aldebaran - Eta Carinae - Betelgeuse - Antares
V382 Carinae - V838 Monocerotis - V509 Cassiopeiae - KY Cygni - Mu Cephei
V354 Cephei - VV Cephei - VY Canis Majoris




1 Graphic by J.E.S. Costa, released to the public domain.

2 The author of this fine animated gif is unknown.  The file is posted on many websites such as Photobucket, GifBin, and
   Chesmont Astronomical Society