Tony Diaz

Tony Diaz

We will meet in the Library Computer Lab: 4th Floor of the Learning Hub Tuesday June 17: 8 am & 10 am.


Here is the assignment for the day:

1. You will work with the 3 folks who read your rough draft. (Or create a new team.)

2. Read each others' essays (as in 3).  Answer the following questions:

Your name: ________________________  Author's name: ______________________

a.) Identify the claim:

b.) Identify the reason:

c.) Identify the intended audience:

d.) Which words reveal that?

e.) Further pinpoint the intended audience:

f.) Write 3 examples that your peer can use to directly appeal to the audience you mention (use level of diction, examples, allusions, etc.)

f.a)________ f.b) ________ f.c)___________

g. After each citation, make sure that your peer is processing the data via first person point of view.


Nowadays, folks can simply look up tons of data. A research paper should be more than just cut and pasted random data. Also, there should be a reason that your readers wants to experience your data since nowadays they can simply look it up themselves. The first person point of view is the most basic way to accomplish this.


Training wheels: This fact is important because . . . Or This fact should blow your mind because . . .

After you complete that exercise, pick a partner to write a team analysis of one of the following essays:

1: “Texas Republican Wants to End Rock 'n' Roll History With the No Grateful Dead/No Day of the Dead Bill” Tony Diaz

2: “The Librotraficante Oppression Detection Kit" Tony Diaz