English Composition II (ENGL 1302)

Instructor: Tony Diaz

Extra Credit/Library Literacy Exercise

Exercise instilling the Student Learning Outcome “Library Literacy.” This will also help you more deeply understand how to pin point the intended audience for your research paper.


Wednesday, June 26: Library assignment: (Worth 20pts for your homework grade. Due July 1.)

1. You must find 2 publications (magazines, journals, e-zines) that publish articles/essays/research papers about your field.

2. You will write a journal entry that lists the following for each publication:

  1. Publication title
  2. Title and author of one article.
  3. Intended audience of the essay: age, gender, income, education, region, and other factors.
  4. What line of argument does the author use and why? Provide a direct quotation to back up your assertion.


3. Write a ½ page about which publication you would want your writing to appear in and why? If you think that might NEVER be the case, explain why.

Note, the magazine you need might not be available in hard copy at our campus. The librarians can help you request it. It would be wise to do so before this day.  You might not be allowed to take the publication outside of the library.  The library pays to subscribe to search engines that you might not easily discover via Google or that you might need to pay to read if you do find them. You might need to visit another campus or college to get the publication you want.