Anthropology Mission Statement

Anthropology is the holistic study of human biological and cultural diversity over space and time. Since its inception as an academic discipline in the late 19th century, anthropology has been devoted to the question: what does it mean to be human? anthropology casts a wide net to students, enabling them to understand ancient and contemporary peoples, their biological development, and the range of human diversity throughout the entire world, past and present. Anthropology courses provide academic credit and enrichment for all HCC students and introduce undergraduate students with diverse educational goals to a discipline not generally available in pre-college education.


Anthropology enlarges students' sense of themselves and the world with a comparative approach to human culture and biology that integrates knowledge across the sciences and humanities. The program strives to develop understanding and appreciation of the study, the variety and relevance of culture in daily living, and to foster skills that contribute to an individual's cultural competence. HCC's Anthropology program, through academic courses, community involvement, and extra-curricular activities, promotes broad knowledge, experiences and understanding, while advancing goals for living in a diverse global society.