SLIP Orientation (Session 1)

Successful Learning Intervention Program (SLIP)


Who needs to attend a SLIP Orientation session?

Students on Academic Suspension or Academic Probation are required to attend. SLIP orientation takes 1.5 hours to complete.


Why do I need to attend a SLIP Orientation session?

You are on an Academic Suspension or Probation and cannot enroll in classes until you complete the orientation, but you will be able to enroll in classes 24-working hours after you completed your SLIP Orientation. The Orientation session, 1.5 hours, will teach you about the SLIP program and your MANDATORY participation in the upcoming semester. Additionally, it will set you on the right pathway to change your pattern of grades and toward student success.


How do I register for the SLIP Orientation session?

    Select one of the links below using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Internet Explorer is not compatible.



    Login ID: (Your W-ID [example: W123456789])
    Date of Birth:  (mm/dd/yyyy

    Go to this URL if you have forgotten your W-ID


    What do I need to take with me to the SLIP Orientation session?

    1. A pen
    2. A piece of paper
    3. A list of the classes you want to take that semester (if you are unsure, talk with an Advisor or check your IAAR to know)


    After academic standing is calculated in the summer semesters 2013, students on an Academic Probation AND Academic Suspension will be required to attend the SLIP Orientation session before registering for classes. Please follow this link for more information on the requirements for academic progress: mandatory requirements for students on Academic Probation AND Academic Suspension after 8/12/2013.


    Financial Aid suspension/probation [Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy] is NOT THE SAME as an Academic probation/suspension. The counseling offices works specifically with students on Academic suspension/probation. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (Tel. 713/718-8490) if you need to complete a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal (SAP appeal form).



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