Developmental Mathematics

Susan Fife

HCC's New Mathways Program

HCCS' New Mathways Program will allow a student to complete their developmental sequence in one semester if their degree plan allows for Math 1332: Liberal Arts Mathematics.

For an overview of HCC's New Mathways Program, proceed to the following web site: HCC New Mathways

The new sequence is as follows:

Math 0106 is the lowest level developmental mathematics course. Topics include fundamental operations fractions and decimals, percents, ratios, and proportions. All students who enroll in this course are expected to complete MATH 0409 in the following consecutive semester before attempting either MATH 0312.

Math 0409:Foundations of Mathematics is an introductory algebra course. Topics include real numbers, proportions, descriptive statistics, basic geometry, polynomials, factoring, linear equations, inequalities, linear models, percentage models, order of operations, set operations, and an introduction to other models which may include exponential, quadratic and/or rational models. quadratic equations and rational expressions.

Math 0312: Intermediate Algebra is the course that a student would take if they need College Algebra (MATH 1314), Finite Math (MATH 1324), or Statistics (MATH 1342). Topics include factoring techniques, radicals, algebraic fractions, absolute values, complex numbers, graphing linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, graphing quadratic equations and an introduction to functions. Emphasis is placed on algebraic techniques.

Houston Community College Developmental Mathematics Initiatives

The Houston Community College System is an open admission institution that strives to bring affordable and accessible education to the community.We believe all students are capable of improving their understanding and use of mathematics.  To help those students that are under prepared to take college level mathematics, the college has a sequence of mathematics courses, called Developmental Mathematics, that help such students prepare for the State mandated TSIA examination and college level mathematics. The main objective of these courses is to provide access to higher level mathematics courses.

Students are placed in these courses based on their entrance scores which are administered at our Testing Centers.

Your developmental math class may be offered in a lecture format, computer-assisted, hybrid, or distance ed.  These courses may be offered during the mini-terms, sixteen-week semester, eight-week, or four-week formats.

Some Developmental Math Initiatives and Course Offerings that may be of interest are Bridge Courses to College Math and Houston Mathways.

MATH 0100: Skill Building and Test Prep for Mathematics

MATH 0100 is a course that allows a new student to take a college-level math course if their TSIA placement score places them within a two-point bubble for Math 1314, Math 1324 or Math 1342. Students may sign up for college-level math as long as they also enroll in MATH 0100. Within MATH 0100, students are given a diagnostic test which prescribes an individualized learning path unique to each student. Students work through their learning path during the four weeks of class and use the time to build up valuable tools that will help them to succeed in their college level math course.