About the Program

Geology is an eclectic science and fundamental to the functioning of society. The study of geology is essential in the understanding of the environment, the world oil based economy and the daily exposure to geological hazards including earthquakes, volcanism, subsidence, flooding, and ground movement. With this charge, the mission of the geology discipline is to:

  • Provide the tools necessary to interpret and predict geological phenomenon that may affect the student in his or her future.
  • Provide transferable science core electives to the cross discipline major.
  • Provide science instruction to a culturally diverse student body.
  • Provide problem-solving abilities to students who are deficient in science and mathematics.

Geology Program Mission Statement:

The HCC Geology Program is committed to providing a variety of educational opportunities to students that can lead to their success in Geology courses.  Instructional techniques and facilities are geared towards providing a solid foundation in the understanding of science, and the theories, methods, and technologies used to study Earth’s composition, its processes of change, its history, and its resources.



The Geology Program courses are in the Department of Natural Science.

The Department Chair is Kumela Tafa (kumela.tafa at hccs.edu)

The Geology Program Coordinator is Karen Yip (karen.yip at hccs.edu)