Susan Fife

Mathematics is a component of the academic branch of the college and serves as a major component of the core curriculum. Students pursuing Associate degrees are required to take prescribed core mathematics courses. Many of the students in certificate programs, along with those desiring to upgrade their skills, take mathematics courses as well.


Course Descriptions
Math 1314: College Algebra - Topics include quadratics, polynomial, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions, system of equations, progression, sequences and series, matrices and determinants. A departmental final examination will be given in this course. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1316: Plane Trigonometry - Topics include solutions of triangles, Euler identity, graphing of trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, identities, trigonometric equations and an introduction to vector analysis. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1324: Finite Mathematics - A survey of finite mathematics and its application to problems of business and the natural and social sciences. Topics include set theory, probability, an introduction to matrices, linear programming, and an introduction to statistics. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1325: Elements of Calculus with Applications - A survey of differential and integral calculus including the study of functions and graphs from a calculus viewpoint as applied to problems in business and the natural and social sciences. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1332: Liberal Arts Mathematics - Mathematics for Liberal Arts is a course designed for liberal and fine arts, non-mathematics, non-science, and non-business majors. The course provides students with an appreciation of the history, art, and beauty of mathematics in the world around us. Topics include an examination of sets with applications, probability, and statistics, financial management, mathematical modeling, and fundamentals of geometry and its application. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1342: Statistics - Topics include histograms, probability, binomial and normal distributions and their applications, correlation and prediction, and tests of statistical hypotheses. Core Curriculum Course. Students who have completed MATH 1342 successfully should NOT take MATH 1442. Students will Not receive credit for both MATH 1342 and MATH 1442. Core curriculum course.
Math 1350: Mathematics for Teachers I - Concepts of sets, functions, numeration systems, number theory, and properties of the natural numbers, integers, rational, and real numbers systems with an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. Field of Study Course. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 1351: Mathematics for Teachers II - Concepts of geometry, probability, and statistics, as well as applications of the algebraic properties of real numbers to concepts of measurement with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking. Field of Study Course. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2305: Discrete Mathematics - Topics selected from logic, set theory, combinatories and graph theory.
Math 2318: Linear Algebra - Topics include systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, linear mappings, and determinants. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2320: Ordinary Differential Equations - Topics include initial value problems for first order and linear second order equations, Picard iteration, series solutions, boundary value problems, Laplace transforms and numerical methods. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2412: Precalculus - Topics include elementary theory of functions and equations, analytic geometry, vectors, introductory logic, mathematical induction, sequences and finite series. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2413: Calculus I - An integrated study of differential calculus with analytic geometry including the study of functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, and an introduction to integration. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2414: Calculus II - Integral calculus including discussions of transcendental functions, applications of integration, techniques and improper integrals, infinite series, Taylor series, plane curves, and polar coordinates. Core Curriculum Course.
Math 2415: Calculus III - A survey of advanced topics in calculus including vectors and vector-valued functions, partial differentiation, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, Jacobians, divergence and Stoke’s theorems. Core Curriculum Course.