About Philosophy

Philosophy is at the heart of all learning and community life. To broaden and nurture learning and good citizenship in a free democratic society, the HCC philosophy program provides students opportunities to explore and cultivate open, critical ways to understand the search for truth and to examine the moral implications of thinking and action in an increasingly technologically driven multicultural world. These aims are pursued in courses that introduce students to the principles and methods of logic and argument; sound judgment and practical decision-making; and the history of ideas in science, the arts, and religion. Philosophy courses are tailored to the demands of rigorous academic preparation and transfer requirements, workforce training, and lifelong learning interest. 

Philosophy classes are beneficial for students wanting to pursue a variety of career paths. In Philosophy courses, students have the opportunity to analyze and reflect upon the reasons behind generally held beliefs and assumptions. To do so effectively, students are asked to think rigorously and carefully about a set of problems and questions and develop concrete and coherent logical arguments in both written and oral assignments. This encourages the development of a skill set that is necessary in today’s complex world. Philosophy majors are becoming sought after by employers due to the fact that rather than being trained to work within a specific set of parameters, philosophy students are taught skills that allow them to think critically about a wide range of issues. This makes them highly adaptable and able to analyze and interpret information; skills highly valued in the workplace. Some of the marketable skills our students learn are: problem solving, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and communication.

Department Leadership

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