Student Success

Through research and experience, Houston Community College has determined that many life and career management skills are necessary for students to make the most of their college investment. A Student Success course is designed to prepare students for the demands of college and for success in the world of work. The course emphasizes setting priorities, time management, note-taking, learning/concentration techniques, retention of information, book analysis, comprehension techniques, and test-taking skills. This courses also incorporates modules that are designed to facilitate the use of library databases in conducting research, career exploration, planning and setting educational objectives, lifelong career assessment, decision-making, financial aid, financial planning, tutoring, and student support services enabling the student to maximize the use of college resources.  All first time HCC students, who have achieved less than 12 college level hours will be required to take a Student Success course their first term.  This requirement may be satisfied by taking EDUC 1300: Learning Framework.  These resources are available for use by both full-time and part-time faculty members at Houston Community College. These resources are especially applicable for professors teaching one of the student success courses.These resources are not intended for student use.