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Book Harrison Bergeron
Book Octet Stream A Modern Utopia
A Modern Utopia (1905) is Wells' hybrid between fiction and philosophical discussion, reviewed as: "a conscious attempt to describe a utopia that is not utopian." Wells was unsatisfied with his earlier writings on the subject, proclaiming this as his last novel of its type, intended to "settle accounts with a number of issues." Don't let "Utopia" in the title fool you: "I have written into it as well as I can the heretical metaphysical skepticism upon which all my thinking rests."
Book In the Year 2889
In the Year 2889 was published in 1889 by Jules Verne, though it is believed to have been written by his son, MIchel Verne. This Dystopian story focuses on the socio-political state of the world. Its 1967 movie adaptation is about a post-nuclear Earth in which humans trapped in a valley protect themselves from mutants.
Anthem was published in the United Kingdom in 1938, but the U.S. edition was delayed until 1946, following the success of The Fountainhead. Anthem is Rand's Dystopian story about a new Dark Age in which technological advances are carefully planned, and individualism is suppressed. "I" has been replaced by "we." A young man known as "Equality 7-2521" is caught conducting secret science research, he and his girlfriend escape to the forest where they hatch a plan to create a new society based on individualism. Rand expanded the work into a novella; her original intention was as a screenplay.