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Link ECMAScript program How to Copy Your Own Canvas Course into one of Your Other Canvas Courses.
Link application/java-vm How to Import the EDUC 1300 Course into Your EagleOnline Class
Use this step by step guide to learn how to import the EDUC 1300 EagleOnline Department Course into Your EagleOnline Course. Be sure that you have downloaded or saved the EDUC 1300 EagleOnline Course before beginning this process.
Link How to Change the Syllabus in Your Canvas Course
Link How to Customize Your EDUC 1300 Canvas Course
Learn how to update the Start Here page, relink your buttons, and how to upload your photo.
Link INRW 0410 LaunchPad Sign in - CRN 34611
Link INRW 0410 LaunchPad Sign in - CRN 34644
Link INRW 0410 LaunchPad Sign in - CRN 34638
Link How Cybersecurity Became 2017’s Hot New Major
Link EDUC 1300 EagleOnline Course Download Link
Link Pascal source code premiere clip app Published on Jan 27, 2015 In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows how to start editing video with Adobe Premiere Clip on iPhone, sync to Creative Cloud and continue editing on iPad and then finally syncing the project to the desktop and finishing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Link W.W. Norton Research Site
Review research standards, types, and sample papers.
Link ECMAScript program A Beginner's Guide to Punnett Squares
Link object code Hardy-Weinberg Video
Link Sir Philip Sydney's Apology for Poetry
This will be the first thing you must have read (completely). Do not waste time. This text frames much of the course.
Link US Department of Commerce - Aluminium Foil
Current 8/8/2017 News Release from the Department of Commerce
Link Azar PowerPointds
Link Azar Fun with Grammar
Link Understanding and Using English Grammar Teacher's Guide
Link image/x-jg Rhetorical Modes (Chart)
Link Professor Hannah Lange's Astronomy Pinterest page
Click on link to follow HCC Astronomy Professor Hannah Lange's Pinterest page.