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Link Troff document Modifiers Power Point
Link PS document CPS
Link Citrix ICA settings file Inequality in America
A short video illustrating the huge wealth gap in America
Link Nick Hanauer speaks on job creation
Nick Hanauer talks about how tax cuts do not create jobs, but only increase inequality
Link Inequality For All
Robert Reich's award winning documentary on inequality in America
Link Robert Reich discusses his film "Inequality For All"
Link Plain Text Ads R Us text
Link Plain Text Ads R Us text
Link Citrix ICA settings file Unhappy States of America
Link x-conference/x-cooltalk Pronunciation Practice
Link text/texmacs Eastern Philosophy - Confucius Analects
Link The Analects by Confucius (World Library Foundation)
Link Turnit In
Link The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News (on Twitter)
A massive study of every major contested news story in English across the span of Twitter’s existence—some 126,000 stories, tweeted by 3 million users, finds that the truth simply cannot compete with hoax and rumor. Fake news and false rumors reach more people, penetrate deeper into the social network, and spread much faster than accurate stories. A false story is much more likely to go viral than a real story, and reaches 1,500 people six times quicker, on average, than a true story does. Falsehoods were still 70 percent more likely to get retweeted than accurate news. It is a danger to public debate and democratic decision-making.
Link Early English Settlements - Jamestown
Link Origin of European exploration in the Americas
Link Spanish Colonization
Link The Columbian Exchange
Link Native societies before contact with Europeans (Khan)
Link Think Like a Historian (Khan)