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Link Dawn Sign Press
DawnSignPress creates, develops, and publishes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related videos and books. Dedicated to the principle that Deaf people are the natural experts regarding their language and culture, DawnSignPress wholeheartedly supports the efforts of Deaf people to document ASL, Deaf culture, history, heritage, and literature.
Link Online Orientation Summer 1 2020
Class - Please review the online Orientation provided for you by the Economic Department.
Link D source code Getting Started
Class - This is a message (link) provided by the Economics Department for your use in Getting Started in your Summer 1 2020 Microeconomics class.
Link application/java-serialized-object Video on the use of the Respondes Lockdown Browser
Link ECMAScript program Learning Preferences & Learning Preference Inventories
from Middlesex Community College
Link text/texmacs Humor for Architects
Link Silkscreen Printing
Link Käthe Kollwitz and Intaglio Printmaking
Link Stanley, how do you draw an eye?
Link text/texmacs Film techniques for students
Link Portland Art Museum (Nice Print Collection)
Link object code Megalo Print Studio
Link The Rice Mob Shames Baylor University
Link Learning from Las Vegas
Link ECMAScript program Lumen Learning has a nice page about principles of design.
Link How art can help you analyze
From Khan Academy
Link HCC Online Course Information (May 2020)
Link HCC Letter about Online Learning
Link image/x-jg Bill Phillips Uses Amazing Deep Space in His Aviation Art
Link Andrea Mantegna's Dead Christ uses Foreshortening