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Link ECMAScript program Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is not only a great opportunity to serve the community, but is also a way to spruce up your resume and get some insider perspective on the job force. Check out this website for volunteering opps in Houston
Link Khan Academy
Helpful study material on a variety of subjects. Khan Academy is best known for its math tutorials
Link x-conference/x-cooltalk Vocabulary Practice
Link object code Mass Incarceration, Visualized (Video)
Due Thurs 6/29
Link Troff document "Yes, You Can Measure White Privilege," by Michael Harriot
Due Thurs 6/29
Link "The Bitter History of Law and Order in America," by Andrea Pitzer
Due Wed 6/28
Link Lab Techniques
Link C++ source code Healthcare programs at HCC
HCC's Coleman College offers many in-demand healthcare programs.
Link C++ source code Free Tutoring at HCC
If you are struggling in a class or assignment, use FREE HCC tutoring. This webpage gives you more info on campuses that offer tutoring as well as online tutoring
Link Download Microsoft Office FREE!
Student Perk: Download Microsoft Office for FREE! Use this tutorial to guide you through the process
Link PS document Scholarships
Just for HCC Students! Make sure to check the dates for application period
Link HCC Catalog
Use this to find specific information about degree plans, as well as course information.
Link Academic Calendar
Use this calendar to find important dates such as drop dates, official date of record, refund schedule, start dates etc.
Link Pascal source code HCC Central Campus Map
Link C header Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans - BBC Earth
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z How to Access Learning Web
Link Transfer Information
Link VCS/ICS calendar Philosophy comics
Link to comics that seek to lighten the unbearable burden of being.
Link What is plagiarism?
Learn how to avoid plagiarism with the help of the Houston Community College librarians.
Link How to write a philosophy paper
Jim Pryor's indispensable guide on how to write a philosophy paper.