Recent Links

Link Houston Museum of Natural Science
HMNS Houston Museum Natural Science
Link National Geographic Magazine
National Geographic
Link "Bitter Grounds"
Link Excerpt From The Haunting of Hill House
Link Troff document How to Embed Video Into Powerpoint
Link Live Sound 1 Booking Link
Live Sound 1 students can use this link to book studio time in 444 outside of class/assigned lab times. Please remember if you book this space you MUST have the name of the Live Sound classmate that is accompanying you into this session. (2 people must attend a session)
Link Midi 1 Booking Link
Please use this link to book one of the mac workstations within 418.
Link Audio 1 Studio Booking Link
Please use this link to book for Audio 1 in 418. The link is for the use of the console and iso booth in the space. Only one member from each group needs to book. If you are needing just a workstation please check the checkbox on the booking form.
Link application/x-troff-ms Commercial Music Software (CMS) Booking Link
Please use link to book lab time in Studio 417. (This space is mac computer stations only)
Link Hatching and Crosshatching and Zentangle by Stan, 2020
Link Syllabus
Course Syllabus for CRN 16735 for Fall 2021 found at
Link Perrier Commercial
Link chemical/x-pdb The Present
Link Kitbull
Link Octet Stream Alma
Link application/x-troff-me Geri's Game
Link Destiny
Link object code Presto
Link North Carolina Community College Virtual Microscope
Link application/java-vm VHL Central Registration Instructions Fall 2021 Monday/ Wednesday Evening Class