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Link Octet Stream Hebrew Home: Facility for the treatment of Dementia
Link Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
A new religious movement that started in US
Link Green funerals in Houston
Link to a listing of green funerals in the Houston Area
Link Green Funerals
Movement of a green perspective on alternative burials
Link A Transgendered Police Office Marriage in Transition
Greg Abbink, the first transgender police officer in Austin, Texas, has had to come out of the closet twice in his life: first, many years ago, as a lesbian, and more recently, as transgender. His wife is going through some difficulties adjusting to Greg’s transition from female to male but she knows that Greg is the same person she fell in love with years ago when he was known as Emily.
Link Canada provides heroin users with high quality heroin (Harm Reduction)
Example of harm reduction
Link ECMAScript program Disease Info on Various Syndromes
Link Support group for anyone affected by a loved one's substance abuse
Link D source code Resources and assistance for the Transgendered
Link Turner Syndrome Support Associations
Link Listings of supports groups for genetic disorders
Link Troff document Way behind Weight
Documentary about obesity in today's youth
Link Abuse of children with the custody of Texas' CPS (Part 2)
Link Medication for the treatment of Heroin
Medications available in the US for heroin addiction bur treatment centers refuse to use them
Link chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Hummingbird
Documentary on Domestic Violence in Brazil
Link PFFLAG (Parents, Friends, Family of Lesbians and Gays)
Support group for friends and family of people who identify as LGBT
Link Orthodox Judaism in New York
Link Secret World of Hasidism
Link Missionaries of Hate
Documentary on anti-gay movements in Uganda
Link Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
Documentary following groups of gypsies and the high incidents of domestic violence and arranged marriages