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Link The Future of Accounting Jobs in a World with Artificial Intelligence
There is no shortage of dramatically negative headlines about the impact of artificial intelligence on nearly every industry, every career path and potentially, every aspect of our personal lives. The promise of technology like AI has almost always been about efficiency — with AI, we can have computers do in seconds what would take us hours. Despite the rising interest in artificial intelligence since 2014, automation and the push to do more work with fewer resources is nothing new for accounting.
Link Obsolete by 2030
Times are changing.
Link In response to Humans need not Apply
Link Humans need not apply.
AI analysis.
Link Every fraudster has a number!
Some numbers are grandiose.
Link Genius Plan
A diabolical plan from Kay & Peele.
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Link Inking a Linoleum Block
Link Pascal source code Linocut Ink Prep
Link Troff document Medical Administrative Support
This is history about healthcare insurance, the types of health insurance, laws and policies of health insurance, as well as, the duties and responsibilities of an insurance billing specialist.
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