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Link Writing Prompts
Link Practice Writing
Use this site to collect valuable resources and practice writing concepts.
Link YouTube Video - Comparision and Contrast Essay
In class we watched the following video. Note, it introduces us to a supplemental packet. This packet is optional for anyone who feels they may benefit from its use. Otherwise, we are only utilizing the video for instructional purposes.
Link Spanish Language Guide
Link Academic Planner Instructions
Link Freedom of Speech: Black Lives Matter supporters visit a Trump rally
What happens when a small group of Black Lives Matters supporters go to a Trump rally? Can anything good come of this? Watch it all the way to the end.
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z HOMEWORK - MYMATHLAB
Link Irregular Past Tense Verbs IV
Link application/x-iphone Irregular Past Tense Verbs III
Link Irregular Past Tense Verbs II
Link Irregular Past Tense Verbs I
Link Online ASL Dictionary
Link SIS package Mitosis vs. Meiosis
This video provides animations of mitosis and meiosis. It is important to understand what happens in each phase.
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Link Academic Planner Instructions
Link HCC Catalog and Degree Plans
Link Navigating iAAR
Link Verify HCC degree plan