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Link Turnitin
Submit out-of-class essays to the plagiarism prevention website.
Link Shakespeare Prose vs. Poetry
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Purdue OWL: APA Writing Lab
This website if full of great tips, samples and directions on how to write an APA paper. Research and Citation > APA Style > APA Formatting and Style Guide
Link Dynamic Business Law The Essentials
Link Troff document (with manpage macros) The Lakota Tribe, the myth of the "White Buffalo Woman"
Link Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm "Ashputtle"
Link Shel Silverstein's song, "A Boy Named Sue," performed by Johnny Cash
Link DOTS (Development of Teacher Support) for Braille Literacy
The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is pleased to present the Fall 2010 issue of DOTS for Braille Literacy ( ), a free newsletter that includes information about new braille products, strategies for teaching, and resources for teachers, parents, family members, and anyone interested in braille literacy. This month, read about: . Braille Transcribers-Thank You! . Prison Braille Programs . AFB & Perkins new partnership . Dates to remember . and more! To read the Fall 2010 issue of DOTS for Braille Literacy, follow this link: We encourage you to forward DOTS for Braille Literacy to a friend, relative, or colleague. If they would like to sign up for an e-mail notification themselves (for free, of course!), they can visit:
Link ECMAScript program ADA Checklist for Polling Places!
Ever wanted/needed to know about the accessibility of polling places, what the regulations are in choosing and setting up a polling place that is accessible for voters who have different challenges or disabilities? Check it out... There are several ways to access this information: HTML (screen), PDF (screen), or PDF versions for printing.
Link What Can I Do With This Major?
Explore the careers available to college graduates based on their major.
Link My Vocabulary
Improve your vocabulary skills by visiting this site weekly.
Link My Future
This excellent website contains tools to build a resume, compose a cover letter, and prepare for job interviews.
Link application/x-maker Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook
Use this website to begin your research for the required career paper.
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z My Student Success Lab
This is the companion site for the textbook and will be used a great deal.
Link 36’30” Line/ the Mason Dixon Line
Link Pascal source code Main Idea - BrainPop
Link MLA Citation
Link The Bill of Rights and other Constitutional Admendments Link
Link Troff document Bill of Rights (transcript)
Link application/x-troff-ms Bill of Rights (interpretted in kids terms)