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Link application/x-msdos-program
Movie reviews, interviews and essays by Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times
Link Citrix ICA settings file Voice of America
Site providing lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced speakers of English
Link American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank
Indexes for 100's of speeches from politics, movies, etc. Be careful of pop-ups.
Link 102 Year Old Ed Rondthaler on English spelling
Demonstration of some of the difficulties with English spelling
Link C source code The Writer's Almanac
Literary information and poetry reading by Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio.
Link Scope Box
Link image/x-jg Hormone Chart
This chart can be used for a quick reference for the basic structures and function of the endocrine system. This material should be used as a building block for upcoming course material that will be discussed in class.
Link The Not So Random Coin Toss: Mathematicians Say Slight but Real Bias Toward Heads
Link Playing Card Shuffler
Link Dice Roller
Link Coin Flipper
Link Redox Reaction (Electrochemistry)
Link VCS/ICS calendar Chemical Energetics and Thermodynamics
Link Chemical Equilibrium
Link ECMAScript program Acids and Bases
Link Animated Periodic Table
Link Animated Periodic Table
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Chapter 15 Assessment B
Link Octet Stream Chapter 15 Assessment A
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Chapter 14 Assessment B