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Link MyCompLab Web Link
Link Sociology Research Funding
Link Sociology Research Funding
Link | "Rant: The Decline of the English Speaking Peoples--America's national language is under siege" by Nick Gillespie (2006)
Link Blue Nile Diamonds
Visit Blue Nile for everything you need to know about diamonds.
Link Primary and Secondary Sources with Grammar Definitions
This is another link to defining a Primary and a Secondary source.
Link ECMAScript program Primary and Secondary Sources
Research papers require the use of both Primary and Secondary sources of information. This link will help you understand the difference between them.
Link Link to The Story of Stuff
Link application/x-maker New iPod Touch Workbook for Individuals with Cognitive Challenges (Workbook)
“Organizing Your Life with the iPOD Touch: Making Cognitive Connections at Home, Work, and School” is a workbook developed by the PDA 4 Memory Project for individuals living with brain injuries and other cognitive issues. Topics covered in the workbook include: Making Cognitive Connections, iPod Touch Basics, The Clock App, The Calendar App, The Contacts App and The Notes App.
Link Online Tutoring using AskOnline
Link MyMathLab Link
Link Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)
Link BP Statistical Review of World Energy
Link American Petroleum Institute (API)
Link U.S. Energy Information Administration
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z International Data Base (IDB)
Link ULAW (Sun) audio U.S. Census Bureau
Link U.S. & World Population
Link C source code National Earthquake Information Center - NEIC