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Website to access reading quizzes, calendar, and online lab manual and assignments.
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Best Little Grammar Book Ever!
Link chemical/x-pdb Early Civil Rights Movement
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Link chemical/x-pdb Early Civil Rights Movement
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Link C header The Talented Tenth
W.E.B. du Bois wrote this essay about African-American leadership and civil rights.
Link W.E.B. du Bois and the Atlanta Compromise
Immediately after the Atlanta Expo Speech, du Bois wrote a letter to Washington, congratulating him. By 1903, however, du Bois wrote this piece, criticizing Washington's position on civil rights.
Link Commentary on the Atlanta Compromise
Here are various letters written to Washington about his speech and Washington's reaction.
Link C header Atlanta Expostion Speech
Booker T. Washington gave this speech at the Atlanta Exposition in 1895. It is commonly referred to as the Atlanta Compromise.