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Link chemical/x-pdb The New 2020 NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practice Statement
Link BBC Documentary 2015 The French Revolution History Channel (:210 Minutes)
Link The French Revolution -In a Nutshell
Link object code CAUSES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION SONG | History Music Video
Link French Revolution Jeff Lewis (3 minute song with pictures)
This is an information-packed and catchy three minute song with pictures.
Link object code Beauvais Lyons: Rubber Stamp Demo
Link Extra
Link Outline Sample #2
Link Outline Sample #1
Link Writing Do's and Don't's #1 Prezi
Link ECMAScript program Visual Essay #3 Topic Selection Choices
Link application/x-info Visual Essay Info
Link Cadaver Dissection of the Spinal Chord and Nerves
Link ECMAScript program Cadaver dissection of the Brain and Cranial Nerves
Link ECMAScript program Brainstorming Evidence / Sketchbooks / Thumbnail Sketches
Work out your concepts. Sustain your creative investigations. Incubate your ideas. These sketchbook examples could shed some light about "brainstorming evidence" for some of these Art Project 2 choices.
Link Prepositions
Link Video of a cadaver dissection of the spinal column
Link object code Acrostic Poem Intro
Link ECMAScript program Why Do People Buy Pricey Fakes?
Telegraphing your status and power to others is one thing, but convincing yourself of that power can be pretty intoxicating, too. “Whenever I bought luxury products — authentic or not — I was buying into an ideal version of myself,” says June. Rachel adds that carrying a replica bag imbues her with a sense of pride and excitement: “Like I’m carrying the real thing.”
Link ECMAScript program Cadaver Dissection of Muscles