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Link object code Complete Text and Audio
Link RealAudio document Film Studio Request Form
Film Dept. Studio Request form for spaces used within the Film Dept. at the Alief-Hayes Campus.
Link Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Link Mary Jemison
Link Mary Rowlandson
Link Plan. Prepare. Transfer.
Information for students transferring in and from HCC.
Link C header Career Coach
Explore career options and other career related information.
Link My Eagle Sign-in
Student Sign-in Links to Eagle Online Canvas, Library, Student Email and other important information.
Link application/x-maker Student Handbook
Resources for Current Students including student policies, student life programs and other student services.
Link HCC Catalog
Information regarding HCC policies, procedures, course information and other school info.
Link Online Professional and Personal Development Courses (approx 6 Weeks)
Topics include Accounting, Business, College Readiness, Computer Applications, Healthcare and Medical, Law, Personal Development, Teaching and Education, Technology and are completed online.
Link Kate Chopin Biography
Link The Story of an Hour - Kate Chopin
Link Plagiarism- Quotes - Exact and Paraphrase
Link Plagiarism- Quotes - Exact and Paraphrase
Link Plagarism - Quotes - Exact and Paraphrase
Link HCC Library: Citation Guide
Link HCC Library: Understanding Plagiarism
Link Online Class Testing Locations and Information