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Link Troff document What You Don't Know Makes You Nervous by Daniel Gilbert
Link The Ugly Truth About Beauty by Dave Barry
Link Octet Stream A Few Too Many by Joan Acorella
Link EagleOnline for Canvas Training (TL 1611)
EagleOnline for Canvas Training (TL 1611) Instructor: Jose "Tony" Davila During Canvas Training, faculty participate as students in a Canvas class, with the same type experiences as an HCC student. Over the 4-week training, faculty will complete readings, watch videos, complete quizzes, assignments and participate in discussions.
Link Chapter 10
Link Podcast- Prophets and Wizards
A podcast discussing wizards and prophets
Link Fake News & Misinformation from Dec 2, 2019
Link chemical/x-pdb The Present
Link Kitbull
Link Octet Stream Alma
Link application/x-troff-me Geri's Game
Link Destiny
Link object code Presto
Link Prophets vs Wizards
A discussion about prophets and wizards and their attitude towards the ecological crisis
Link College Algebra Review Sessions
College Algebra Review Sessions
Link INRW Survey
Link Trifles by Susan Glaspell
Link text/texmacs Charles Mann Discusses Wizards and Prophets
Charles Mann discusses climate change from different perspectives
Link Outbreak- Prophets and Wizards
Charles Mann discusses the population crisis, and how wizards and prophets respond differently
Link chemical/x-pdb Mass Extinction Event
A discussion of scientific evidence that supports the idea we are currently on the verge of a mass extinction event on Planet Earth