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If you need assistance from with your class such as trouble shooting questions and such please reach out to our lab aides by filling out the form to submit your request.
Link Levels of Questions
Different levels of questions for starting discussions and testing your own knowledge.
Link Syllabus Dram 1310 CRN 20423
Link Pascal source code Educational Leadership
Founded as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ASCD has spent more than 75 years embracing a unique and compelling set of core principles. It has focused not just on the academic goals of curriculum, but also on education's broader social dimensions, including the development of students' moral and creative capacities and an understanding of their diverse needs. It called for greater collaboration and cross-pollination between district leaders, school principals, and teachers (a priority soon reflected in its membership). And it sought to provide a trustworthy and independent forum for educator voice, support, and idea sharing, including on controversial and challenging issues. During its first 75 years, ASCD has carried out and built on those principles in ways that even its forward-thinking founders might not have imagined. Through its publications, books, conferences, advocacy work, digital resources, professional development services, and—perhaps most of all—its membership, the organization has fostered a robust and ceaselessly questioning community of professional learners.
Link Journal of Teacher Education
The Journal of Teacher Education provides a vital forum for considering practice, policy, and research in teacher education. It examines some of the most timely and important topics in the field, such as: New Teacher Education Standards Assessing the Outcomes of Teacher Education Preparing Teachers to Meet the Needs of Diverse Populations Teacher Education in a Global Society The Research Base for Teacher Education Accountability and Accreditation Issues Collaborating with Arts and Sciences Faculties Recruiting a More Diverse Teaching Force and Teacher Education Faculty School-based and Partnership-based Teacher Education Alternative Approaches to Teacher Education High Stakes Testing for Teachers and Students Leadership in 21st Century Schools of Education The Changing Demographics of Schools and Schooling
Link Phi Delta Kappan
About Phi Delta Kappan Kappan, the journal of PDK International, is the professional magazine for anyone who cares about K-12 education. In print since 1915 – and now published online, too – it features articles about educational research, practice, and policy, as well as blogs and columns on school and district leadership, media coverage of education, legal issues in the field, state and federal politics, and more. Kappan aims to provide a civil forum for honest debate about how best to govern and improve the nation’s public schools. To that end we feature lively articles and commentary — written in an accessible style — on a wide range of themes, from elementary education, middle grades reform, and high school improvement to new research and trends in teacher preparation, classroom instruction, curriculum design, assessment, education technology, student health and wellness, college transitions, family and community engagement and many other topics. We welcome submissions from researchers and policy advocates as well as from teachers, principals, district and state leaders, students, parents, school board members, and anyone else who wishes to share vital stories and insights about K-12 education.
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Link If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I-Geeta Kothari
Link ECMAScript program "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space" by Brent Staples
Link Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted-Malcolm Gladwell
Link What's My Name Girl
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Link Leave Your Name at the Border
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Link Why Everyone Should Take an English Class in College
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OER Textbook
Link Toni Morrison, "Strangers"
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