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Link ECMAScript program "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space" by Brent Staples
Link Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted-Malcolm Gladwell
Link What's Your Name Girl
Link chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary The Arrival
Link Leave Your Name at the Border
Link The Necklace
Link Why Everyone Should Take an English Class in College
Link ECMAScript program Paul's Online Math Notes
Good self-contained notes for Algebra, Calculus I/II/III, and Ordinary Differential Equations by Professor Dr. Paul Hawkins at Lamar University.
Link CHEM 1311- FALL 2021- (CRN 21840)- SYLLABUS
Link How to Choose the Right Screen Mesh Size
Link Speedball Kits and Demo Videos
Link Writing for Success (see Grammar sections)
OER e-textbook on Grammar
Link ECMAScript program Covid-19 Updates and Resources
Link ECMAScript program Virtual and In-person Student Support Services
Link HCC Student Experience
More resources
Link text/texmacs HCC Resources for Current Students
Link HCC Library Guides for ENGL 1301/1302
Link HCC Writing Skills
Link ECMAScript program Student Resources
Link Eagle Online Canvas
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