Recent Links

Link C header Buddhism and Death
Link My Deadly Appetite (Prader Willie)
Documentary on Prader Willi patients
Link RealAudio document Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program
Link Lev Tahor (2014)
Documentary of a sect of Ultra Orthodox Jews living in Canada as a cult and the abuses of women and children
Link ECMAScript program Tribal Wives
Link Banking on Heaven
Movie on FLDS polygomist groups
Link Streets of Plenty (Documentary)
Documentary on how a man joined the homeless population of Vancouver and all of the stressors associated with homeless people. Has aspects of harm reduction
Link C header Brainwashed by the Westboro Church
Westboro Church led the field in aversion therapy curing gays of their affliction.
Link Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (Documentary)
Link Worst Places to be Gay (Documentary)
Link Guide on writing APA style
Link text/x-boo The Transgender Taboo
Documentary film on taboos behind transgendered peopke
Link Born into Brothels (2004)
Documentary based in India on the children of sex workers that grow up in brothels
Link APA Citation Generator
Link APA Citation Generator
Link New Religious Movements
Detailed listing of all new religious movements
Link C header H.A.T.C.H
Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals - Support group for gay and questioning teens
Link text/texmacs New Religious Movements
Link Houston Matters - Issues with Transgendered Houstonians
This is an hour news segment however I want you to skip to the segment regarding Transgender Issues in preparation for our speaker on LGBT issues and the elderly
Link Child's Play
How development of children has changed since the pioneer days and children were not allowed to play which is integral to the development process. Listen to audio link