Folders can be used to organize and provide public or password-protected access to instructional content.

Add Content Items to a Folder

Log in to your account.

If you have already created a folder, navigate to the folder. If you need to create one, you can add folders directly in your portfolio or inside a course.

Adding a folder and adding new content to a folder is done in the same way. Go to the edit bar, click "Add new..." and select the type of content you want to add.

Password Protecting a Folder

Folders on the Learning Web can be password protected so that only someone with the password will be able to access its contents.

Add a Password

To password protect a folder, login and navigate to the folder. Click on the "Edit" tab in the edit bar. Then scroll down to the Password field at the bottom of the field. Add a password and click "Save."

Remove a Password

To remove the password from a folder, go back to the edit form for the folder. Check the box to "Reset password":

Organize Content Items by Section

Folder content can be organized to display under custom section headings. See an example of this feature.

Create Section Names

First you will need to create the section headings. Log in, go to the folder, and click on the "Edit" tab in the gray edit bar.

Add your section names, one per line, in the edit form under "Sections":

Add Content Items to Sections

To add a content item to a folder section, go to the content item (ex. File, Image, Link), click on the "Edit" tab, find the "Add to Section" part of the edit form, and select one of the section names from the drop down menu. Click Save to submit changes.