Add Your First Course and Syllabus

Course folders provide you with a place to organize all of your instructional materials and resources. You are only required to use the Learning Web to post your syllabi for each section of a course taught each semester. However, the Learning Web can also be used to share additional materials and resources for a particular course that can then be accessed by anyone, anytime, across semesters.


  1. To add a course folder, you will need a Learning Web account. If you haven't logged in for the first time yet, start here.
  2. A PDF version of each your course syllabi.

Add a Course

Important: Only add one course folder per course. You can organize all of your syllabi and other instructional materials/resources across sections in the one folder. For example, create one folder for MATH 1314 and place all of your syllabi and other files for all sections of the course there.

1. Log in to the Learning Web. Click on your name in the upper right-hand menu and select Portfolio.

2. Click on the +Course button under the "Course Resources" heading.

3. Complete the form and click the Save button to create the course.

    Add a Syllabus

    Follow these steps to add your first syllabus to the Learning Web. As described above, add all syllabi for a particular course in one folder. You do not need to create a course folder for each section of a course you teach.

    1. From the course folder you just created, click on the "+ Syllabus" button.

    2. Complete the form with the required information.

    3. Upload a PDF version of your syllabus.

    4. Save when you're done to add the syllabus to the course folder.

    You should be sent to the syllabus page where an embedded view of the PDF is visible along with a link to download the syllabus. To return to your course folder, use the navigation above the syllabus title.