Adding an Introduction to a Subject Area

As the overview showed, each Subject Area on the Learning Web has a text area at the top of the main page for a brief description of the academic discipline or program area. You can use this space to include an "about us" statement, a mission statement, or any other text that relevantly describes the subject.

To prepare your introduction, simply write up what you intend to use for this section. One or two paragraphs is most effective, but you can also include bullet points if that makes more sense. Later on you will have the opportunity to add more information and resources to your Subject Area, so keep this section brief and to the point. Don't worry about formatting your text as you will have a text editor that you will paste the text into on the Learning Web.


You will need both a Learning Web account and a manager account role for the Subject Area. See Requesting Access to Manage a Subject Area for more information.

Step by Step

Once you're ready, follow these instructions to add the introduction:

  1. Log in to the Learning Web using your faculty login name and password.
  2. Navigate to your Subject Area. You should see the gray edit bar above the title indicating that you are logged in to the site and have content management priveledges for this section.
  3. Click on the "Edit" tab to go to the editor.
  4. Under "Body Text" click on the clipboard icon with the "W". Past your text into the area provided. Click insert.
  5. You should now see your content in the text box on the editor page. Use the formatting tools to add headings, paragraphs, or other formatting.
  6. Click the "Save" button to finish. You will be taken back to the main page of the Subject Area where you should now see your introduction at the top of the page.

Related: Including More Information About a Discipline/Program

The Introduction section is not the only place to publish information about your discipline or program area. Additional pages can be linked off the main page to supplement the Introduction. For more information see the following module: Adding Additional Information to a Subject Area.