The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce discipline and program chairs or their designees to content management of Subject Areas on the Learning Web. You will be provided with both text and video directions for each module. By the completion of the tutorial, you should be able to set up and maintain your Subject Area on the Learning Web.

Requesting Access to Manage a Subject Area
Academic discipline and career and technical program chairs may designate faculty members as Subject Area content managers. Follow the instructions below to make a request.
Program Area Overview
The following overview explains each of the sections of the Program main page.
Adding an Introduction to a Subject Area
As the overview showed, each Subject Area on the Learning Web has a text area at the top of the main page for a brief description of the academic discipline or program area. You can use this space to include an "about us" statement, a mission statement, or any other text that relevantly describes the subject.
Associating a Program Chair with a Subject Area
The Subject Area profile should contain a link to the Learning Web portfolio for the discipline/program chair.
Managing Faculty Members Within a Subject Area
There is a link called "Faculty Members" in the profile section on the main page of the Subject Area. Clicking on this link takes the user to a directory of all faculty members who have identified themselves with this discipline.
Adding Resources to a Subject Area
Many disciplines and programs have additional resources such as study guides, useful links, work examples, or other digital content that can be shared online. The Learning Web provides a place for this type of content under Subject Areas as described in this module.