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Link 1959, The Year That Changed Jazz
Link to the video for the HH Assignment.
Link Thanksgiving 1302 Lecture
Link Thanksgiving 1301 Lecture - Youtube
Link Expository Essay Info. #2
Link Expository Essay Info. #1
Link audio/x-realaudio watch video: Gunned Down: the Power of the NRA
Link Brain Structure and Functions
Link Sample Research Paper-MLA Style
Link Sample Research paper-MLA Style
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Link C++ source code Writing a Comparison Contrast Essay SBCC
Link Troff document Essay 3: Current Event - Comparison Contrast or Cause/Effect
Link C header Parts of Speech
Link Cranial Dissection
For 10 points towards your exams, please watch the cranial dissection video and submit a summation of the step by step dissection process. You may submit this work anytime before finals week.
Link ECMAScript program The IRS Is Puzzled: Why Out Of 500,000 Coinbase Users, Only 900 Reported Gains Or Losses
Almost exactly one year ago, the IRS realized that it could be leaving billions of dollars on the table in the form of uncollected taxes, and launched a tax-evasion probe on the largest US Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, seeking to identify all Coinbase users in the U.S. who “conducted transactions in a convertible virtual currency” from 2013 to 2015.
Link final exam review fall 2017
Link ECMAScript program AA Degree in World Languages
You can earn a 2-year degree in French or Spanish and transfer to a 4-year school to complete a BA degree in either language.
Link Anatomy of the ear
Link Anatomy of the Eye