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PowerPoint files for Math 0309 - Introductory Algebra
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Video guides that follow your college textbook, practice problems, and exam reviews... all for FREE!
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Link D source code The "Daisy ad"
This is the most famous political advertisement ever made for television. President Lyndon Johnson is arguing that his opponent, Senator Barry Goldwater, was a warmonger who had made loose talk about using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. The advertisement was only showed one time on television, but was very effective and is still discussed today.
Link chemical/x-pdb Funny (and effective) Campaign Advertisement
This challenger is claiming that the incumbent is not available to his constituents and only cares about his connections with his big campaign contributors, like pharmaceutical companies.
Link RealAudio document Review for Math 0310 Midterm
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Link 9/24
Link 9/24
Link TCM Guide to KING KONG
Link TCM Guide to KING KONG
Link How Adult Survivors Of Childhood Trauma Forge Their Own Paths To Recovery
Link Annotated Bibliography review quiz
Take the quiz only once, then email the results to [email protected]
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Link PS document Harris County Democratic Party Internships
Help turn Texas Blue! The 2018 elections are an historic opportunity for Democrats and for you! Hardworking, passionate, future leaders will gain hands-on exposure to party politics, strengthen their understanding of the political process, and prepare for political opportunities. CLICK ON THE HYPERLINK TO APPLY BY SEPTEMBER 28.